The Need

The responsibility of passing on the faith to the next generation is a clear mandate from scripture. Many of our churches eagerly wish to engage with young people but simply do not know where to start. Engage is an initiative of Young Anglican Project designed to equip and encourage ordinary, faithful believers in the pews to engage in meaningful and life-changing relationships with young people.

Through a series of training sessions we will equip adults to know how to get started, what to do, and then create ongoing support to assist them to keep going. 

The Method

Talk - Study - Pray

Many people are capable of helping young people to follow Christ but just need some encouragement and basic training in order to get started. Engage works around the simple idea of equipping older Christians to meet regularly with one or more young people to: build a relationship, study the Bible, and pray together.

This is a simple method of engaging young people in the faith. Yet for many, this kind of ministry has never been modeled for us, so starting out can be a little intimidating. Engage will help equip ordinary members of congregations through a weekend of training. The trainers are members of the Young Anglicans Project who are experienced youth ministry trainers. But that’s not all! Young Anglicans Project will provide ongoing support through a select team of coaches committed to helping individuals grow in their role of discipling young people.