Seven Standards for Effective Anglican Youth Ministry

We strive for exceptional youth ministry in all Anglican churches in North America and believe the following components are vital:

I.    We believe in living out an authentic faith as we seek to be transformed daily by God.
•    Leaders must seek to exemplify the truth of Christ personally in a transparent and meaningful way for adolescents to see and catch.
II.    We believe God’s Word is Truth.
•    The authority and truth of the Holy Scriptures will guide our ministries: Scripture proclaims all that is necessary for salvation, health and life in Christ (Articles of Religion, VI).
III.    We believe in discipleship as a process whereby we make disciples who make disciples.
•    We will engage in a process of training and teaching others to live out an active personal and communal life in Christ practicing grace and truth according to the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20).
IV.    We believe in faith lived in community through relationships.
•    Relationships in community are the core of discipleship as we live and grow together towards whole and healthy spiritual transformation into Christlikeness (Col. 1:28).
V.    We believe effective Anglican youth ministry is accomplished through engagement with and through the whole church body.
•    Each family and extended church community must actively contribute to the process and outcome of ministry to teenagers. Healthy ministry to teenagers is integrated into the life of the church.
VI.    We believe in being distinctly Anglican.
•    Catechesis leads us to be intentionally liturgical, historical, sacramental, and missional so that our young people are grounded in the faith once delivered (Jude 1:3).
VII.    We believe in ministry to teenagers that transforms every aspect of their lives (intellectual, emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual) and challenges them to engage the world in a way that glorifies God.
•    Students will be encouraged to use their spiritual gifts to administer God’s grace.

Therefore we believe that youth ministry must be committed to:

Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ… frequently, clearly, and without assumptions. The gospel is not simply the means of salvation, it is the truth that transforms our lives.

Engaging students in scripture… because God reveals himself through his word and informs us on matters of salvation, the Christian life, and ministry.

The local church… students must be integrated into the life of the church and not become a parachurch ministry. Youth Ministries should reflect the Anglican ethos of our churches.

Building healthy relationships… students must learn how to be the church and experience intergenerational dynamics.  Youth leaders must learn to love and care for students without infringing on parents or peer relationships.

Reproducing leaders… youth ministry must be shared in the congregation, engaging as many as possible in this ministry.  Students need to be offered training and opportunities to develop leadership gifts in the church.