An Important Read

Every Youth Minister needs to be prepared to teach and field questions about sexuality and what the Bible actually teaches.  It’s vital to know how to respond to the common arguments made for a view other than the orthodox Christian perspective. Tim Keller did a great review of the other point of views in an article here.  He also wrote a review a few years ago on two excellent books (by Hill and Allberry) that might be the easiest reads for a busy youth minister to digest and be able to speak from. Not everyone has the time to read Robert Gagnon’s works on the subject of homosexuality.  However, another short read would be Kevin DeYoung’s “What Does The Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?” Regardless, anyone working with students today needs to be fully informed on these matters. The worst thing we can do to our students is not educate them in a way that will hold up when they encounter another point of view. Keller’s article is incredibly helpful because it specifically addresses the most common arguments for Christians accepting a new standard.