Why I love my coach

Submitted by Steven Tighe
President of Young Anglicans Project
Ok, so I’ve been doing this for over thirty years. I think I probably know as much about youth ministry as anybody. When I heard about youth ministry coaching my first thought was “I don’t need a youth ministry coach. I’m an expert. I should BE a youth ministry coach. Honestly, who is going to be able to tell me anything that I haven’t heard?”
I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I was wrong. Not about the whole being an expert thing. I was right about that. I was wrong about what a coach does and very wrong about whether or not having a coach would be helpful to my ministry. 
I love my coach. The trick isn’t that she knows more about youth ministry than me (as if…). It’s not that she’s smarter than me (…). The thing I love best about my coach is that she LISTENS to me. She listens. She helps me draw out and focus on the most important parts of what I am thinking. As someone who is not involved in my ministry or my church, she provides a really helpful sounding board for me to bounce ideas off. She’s not my boss. She can be always on my side. 
She helps me discover what I already knew to be the most important stuff to focus on. I already knew it…kind of… there are just so many trees screaming for attention in the youth ministry forest that I sometimes forget which of the trees are crucial. She helps me pick out what is most important by asking questions, and then helps me come up with solid plans for making those things happen. THEN she remembers my deadlines when sometimes I don’t and helps to hold me accountable. 
Guys, getting a coach has been one of the most helpful things I’ve done, and I highly encourage anyone involved in youth ministry at any level to take advantage of the Young Anglicans Projects FREE coaching service!!!