Will The Real Anglicanism Please Stand Up?

Fr Iain Boyd is writing a great blog series on Anglican identity.  It explores things like high and low church, Anglo Catholic and reformation Anglicanism.  These all have historic roots that he is exploring. It's worth reading because it will help us to explain these things to students and to think about how we do youth ministry in the Anglican tradition.

I have to admit, even after over a decade of active leadership in Anglican and Episcopal ministries, it still surprises me when I hear people articulate a monolithic understanding of what Anglicanism is. For this reason, it’s important that we ask the question “What does it mean to be authentically Anglican?” While this question seems straightforward at first, through Anglicanism’s 450 plus years some very different answers have been offered. This series of posts will examine some of the main ways Anglicans have identified themselves through the years.

Read his blog at https://trinitypastor.wordpress.com