Inspiring Teens

Nate Morgan Locke of Christianity Explored Ministries has a great article on the "Open up the Bible" website (a site devoted to helping people read the Bible more).  In it he shares 4 great thoughts that are helpful for students to hear.

1. The Bible is about Jesus.
2. God loves you, whether or not you read the Bible.
3. Bible times don’t need to be quiet times.
4. Two key ingredients: routine and variety.

The first of them I find incredibly refreshing.  The point he makes is that too often we approach the Bible to read about us not about Jesus.  The second is great for the legalist.  The third resonates with me merely because I hate the token "quiet time" that never worked for me. (though my house is quiet when I read my Bible after breakfast) and the fourth is so key.  Read the whole article!