Youth Conferences

The latest issue of Modern Reformation has an article on Youth Conferences that is worth reading. Keep in mind it is not a youth ministry magazine and I think it's the first time they have really featured youth ministry in an issue. It is read primarily by pastors and theological thinkers.

The stage is set. The sound check is done. Leaders huddle for one last prayer. Cue the music. Dim the lights. Open the doors. A swarm of excited students pour into the venue. Many eagerly race to the front for the best seats. The emcee takes the stage and welcomes the crowd to what is promised to be an exciting, inspiring, and life-changing event.

Welcome to a youth conference. Thousands upon thousands of students every year for decades have experienced these events. What takes place next is largely dependent on the ministry philosophy of the organizers...

The article can be read online at Modern Reformation until June 22nd.