A Message From Archbishop Duncan...

21st May, A.D. 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,

I want to commend to your attention the Provincial Gathering for Anglican Young People at the upcoming Provincial Assembly. This is a crucial time for the Church to multiply Godly young leaders. This track represents a great opportunity to take a real step forward with college and high school students.

We must appeal to the idealism of young people, leverage their energy, and engage them as a vital part of the missionary Church. This generation has a hunger to know God and to serve the Lord Jesus, a desire unparalleled since the great Missionary Generation at the end of the 19th century. Various points of evidence of this movement can be found in our Church, but we still have quite a way to go. Our young adults need training and encouragement and clear means to serve. Too often our only offer is to commend the (seemingly distant) ordination process to them, instead of exhorting them to the plain consequences of their first ordination, their baptism.

Many of the speakers for the overall Assembly will be of great interest to young people who are serious about their faith and advancing the Kingdom of God. There will be opportunities to worship both with the whole assembly and in a contemporary style in their own meetings as well. This Provincial Gathering will serve to equip young people for the Kingdom, to connect them with one another, and help them find a unique point of contact with our Church. I look forward to meeting this group as we host them in Latrobe.

Our Church has begun to emerge into a new season of health and growth. Please encourage the college-age young adults, youth leaders and high school youth groups of your parish and your diocese to register and attend.

The Most Rev. Robert Duncan

PS: Students 18 and up may register directly through http://anglicanchurch.net
An adult leader attending the Assembly must verify responsibility for any high school youth 17 and under before the young person can complete the registration process. At $245 for high- schoolers and their adult leaders (room, board and program) and $195 for collegians (not including housing) this is an amazing bargain!