Bad Mixer Questions

Suddenly one student turned to another and asked a question that left me speechless.  It was a rather shocking moment.  I had let students come up with their own mixer questions while we were on a trip. One of the students decided that the question he was most curious about was “do you know any homosexuals?”  Most of the group chuckled and chalked it up to the oddness of the individual. Good mixers use questions to help students get to know one another better.  Bad questions are unhelpful at best.  I got thinking recently… what are some of the bad mixer questions out there being used in youth groups or Christian settings?  Some of those might be inappropriate like “boxers or briefs?”.  Some might be rather gross like “fold or crumple?” (if that does not click, think toilet time). Both of these I have heard asked in Christian groups.  In a culture that is increasingly gross and accepting of humor that used to be way off limits, it’s not hard to imagine youth group mixer questions getting out of control.  So, I remain curious as to what questions you have heard used in mixers in a Christian youth group context.  Anyone care to share?